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Clean Up Wakes Poltergeist

My story takes place in May, 1997 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. My wife and I went back to Sioux Falls to start getting rid of things in my mother's house. She was getting old and could not keep up the place any longer. She was going to move out west with us in the comming months.

We decided to work our way down from the top of the house to the bottom. The house was build in 1895 and had been in our family for 65 years.

It is a two-story house with a full basement. In the upstairs there was not only my bedroom, but an apartment my parents used to rent out over the years. The apartment had a kitchen, bedroom and living room with a seperate entrance to the outside.

Going up the stairs to get to the apartment, there is an attic toward the top that we could just open up the door and crawl inside. We decided we would work on the attic first since it had about 50 years worth of stuff inside. Some of it was old items from their parents back around the turn of the century or before.

So we started to clean it out and move it all into the living room of the apartment. Everything went well and we were moving along ok that first day. We called it quits, and after dinner we went to bed.

My room was on the other side of the kitchen in the apartment. During the night after we were asleep, my wife awoke to what she thought was me rubbing her back. She rolled over to find me sound asleep. She was somewhat unnerved and woke me.

She was telling me the story when we heard from the kitchen the sound of the drawers moving in and out. I had heard the same sound a thousand times before since that kitchen set used to be on the main floor before my dad had remodeled our kitchen.

Then all of a sudden the drawers on my school desk at the end of our bed opened and shut. By this time we were a little freaked out. We got up turned on the lights and checked all of the rooms to find nothing.

The rest of the week went fine. We had no issues until we came back to move my mother out. That story I will save for another time... I dont know today if what happened to us was related to disturbing so many years of family history the attic held. Maybe it was someone who had had an attachment to the house before our family lived there. It could have been my father or another family member. At any rate, it was a very strange night, and I can say I would not have belived it if it had not happened to me.

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