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How to Install Windows 98 Programs on Windows XP Pro x64

    • 1). Press the "Eject" button on your computer's CD-ROM drive to open its disc tray.

    • 2). Insert the installation CD for your Windows 98 program into the disc tray. Press "Eject" again to close it. You can also close the tray by simply pressing gently on it until it retracts.

    • 3). Click "Install" on your computer monitor when the Windows 98 program's installation utility appears.

    • 4). Click "Next" to agree to the "Terms of Use" of that particular program.

    • 5). Specify your installation settings. You will be asked to pick a location on your Windows XP Professional computer's hard drive where you want the program to install itself, as well as the location of "Start" menu and desktop shortcuts. When you're done, click "Finish." Your Windows 98 program will install on your Windows XP Professional 64-bit machine.

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