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Short List of Readily Available Natural Cures For Yeast Infection

The market today is experiencing a growth in homeopathic and natural cures for yeast infections.
As people realize the benefits of such treatments, more and more people have chosen this type of treatment in treating candidiasis (other name for yeast infection).
And for all the right reasons too, through time, women have experienced that treating Candidiasis with natural methods has proven to be more safe, with little to no side effects than most of the medications, pills or creams in the market today.
Also lets not forget about the ease and affordability of methods for natural cures for yeast infection.
They are affordable, and they are also readily accessible, most of the ingredients are readily found in any modern kitchen today.
One such great ingredient that's been produced by mother nature to fight off Candidiasis naturally is garlic.
Method of application also could not be any more easier, simply take a piece of fresh garlic, pick off a clove and peel of the skin, next thing is you dip it into an oil for lubrication, best if you have olive oil, then simply place the clove into the vaginal canal.
For maximum effect, it is best done four times a day until any signs and symptoms of yeast infection disappear.
Garlic as a natural cure for yeast infection is not only limited to genital yeast infections.
Candidiasis can manifest also in the skin, in the form of rashes, which would lead to irritation and itchiness.
Treatment is simply a matter of slicing a peeled garlic clove into small pieces, put some olive oil to make paste, and then simply apply the paste into the affected area.
This will help tremendously in easing the pain and itchiness, and almost instantly too.
Another ingredient on the spotlight would be Hydrogen Peroxide.
It is very cheap and ready available in any local pharmacy, just in case you don't have it in your kitchen or in the house yet.
What you want to do is make a douche out of it and apply it to the affected area; it is already proven to be effective in eliminating Candida Albicans, the causative agent of yeast infections.
In making the douche, you'll 1 cup of water, filtered to be safe, and add 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.
Remember the ration, 1 teaspoon to 1 cup; this would be the optimum ratio for effectiveness when using hydrogen peroxide as natural cures for yeast infection.
Yogurt is next on our list when it comes to natural cures for yeast infections.
Again, it is readily available and cheap.
What makes yogurt good for treating candidiasis is that it contains good bacteria to fight off the overgrowth of Candida Albicans.
For methodology, it is best that you refrigerate before application, the cool temperature of the yogurt will greatly help in easing the irritation and itchiness of the affected area when you apply it, and yes, you only need to put it directly in the affected area like how you apply topical creams or lotions.
For maximum effectiveness, it's also advisable that you ingest some yogurt.
This combination of topical and oral treatment has been proven to eliminate yeas infections.

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