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How to Build Your Own Compost Bin Sliding Screens

    • 1). Screw the 1-by-1-by-36-inch pieces to two of the 2-by-4-by-36-inch pieces, flush with one edge, so that the thinner pieces will face each other on the bottom.

    • 2). Attach the 1-by-4-by-27-inch boards as crosspieces on the bottom of the 2-by-4s to make a rectangle. This is your sliding frame.

    • 3). Screw the remaining 2-by-4s together to make another rectangle.

    • 4). Staple the metal screen to the bottom of the rectangle.

    • 5). Screw the 1-by-2-by-20 3/4-inch pieces to the corresponding 2-by-4s. Screw the 1-by-2-by-36-inch pieces to the 36-inch 2-by-4s to cover the edges of the screen.

    • 6). Attach the handles to either end of this frame.

    • 7). Finish the project by sanding all the wood surfaces smooth, then coat with polyurethane, using the paintbrush. When the coating is dry, rub the candle on the inside surfaces of the sliding frame to reduce friction.

    • 8). Set the frame across your wheelbarrow. Shovel some compost in and slide the box back and forth in the sliding frame. The fully composted material will sift through to your wheelbarrow, and you can empty the bigger pieces back into your compost heap to finish "cooking."

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