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Visa Requirements to Visit Canada

    Official Documents

    • To obtain a visa for entry into Canada, you need a valid passport containing one blank page, a completed application and a return ticket.

    Other Documents

    • Other documents that may be needed include the following: evidence of sufficient funds for your stay, a declaration of your purpose for the visit and, when applying by mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    Minor Travelers

    • Minors under 16 years of age must have information on their person on adults with whom they are traveling. If traveling alone, they must have information on those responsible for their care while in Canada and permission from a guardian from their home country.

    Duration of Visas

    • Tourism visas and student visas remain valid for 90 days.

    Application Review Time

    • The review time of an application for a visa to enter Canada is 20 days; by mail, the allowed time is 40 days.

    Visa Cost

    • As of October 2009, visas cost 50 Euros for a one time tourist visa (100 Euros for multiple visits); a student visa costs 82 Euros.

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