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How to Write a Letter in Microsoft Word

    • 1). Decide the style of your letter. Decide if it will be formal or informal, for one recipient or several, and if you want help with the wording and setup of it. Of course, you must have the name and address information for the recipient.

    • 2). Open Microsoft Word. Select “New” under “File” to access the templates provided. Click on the “Letters & Faxes” tab. You will see various templates. This includes “Contemporary,”,“Elegant” and “Professional.” If you click on one, you will see a preview of it on the right. If you do not need help wording your letter, select one of the designs offered. Fill in the details of your letter provided with the templates. Simply click on an area of the letter you want and either put your information in it or delete anything you do not need.

    • 3). Use the wizard to create a letter. If you need assistance writing the letter, you can get it by clicking on the “Letter Wizard” option under the same tab. Click on “OK” twice to begin the four-step wizard process.

    • 4). Select from the numerous offered options under each step to complete your letter. You can access four separate tabs or you can use the “Next” button to move to the next step(s). The four are: Letter Format, Recipient Info, Other Elements and Sender Info. If you need to make any changes, you can use the “Back” button (or tab) to return to the previous step.

    • 5). Finish the letter. Once you have selected all of the details (options) you want in your letter, click on the “Finish” button to open it. You can select any area of it and delete, reword or add words.

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