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Violin? So many of us hope to keep in shape with home exercise equipment, butquickly lose interest and focus.
I have best intentions in maintaining my daily dose of sit-ups with my goofy exercisegadget, but, alas, the "tummy trimmer" sits gathering dust in my closet.
Enter the violin.
Recognized by its ornately feminine shape and sweet tone, the violin is the world's most perfectinstrument.
Fiddling has been a favourite past-time and passion for thousands of musicians for over 300 years.
Itbrings joy and delight to all and is often depicted being played by a beautiful angel.
As described in the film "The Red Violin," the violin is "a perfect marriage of science and art.
" Known as the"intellectualist's instrument," many of the great minds of our time have taken up the fiddling, such as Einstein, SherlockHolmes and yours truly.
Kidding aside, playing violin can greatly enhance concentration, coordination, and mental focusand is wonderfully soothing to listen to.
In fact, violin is the instrument of choice among music therapists.
As well as being rewarding for your mind and spirit, recent studies show that it is also physically beneficial.
One hour of violin playing can burn 177 and 216 calories.
The number of calories burned during 1 hour of playing violin is comparable to 1 hour of walking, horseback riding, housecleaning, American bowling (with the big balls) or surfing.
A big pro here is that one cannot DIE from playing violin, whereas the other activities mentioned can lead to certain injury or death, housecleaning included.
Sure a good fiddle will set you back over $1200, but unlike the Solarplex machine, it will appreciate in value and is amuch more attractive addition to your home.
Of coarse the exact number of calories burned depends on the shape of the player and how much she's getting into themusic! You could say a scale would burn far less calories than "Devil's Dream" or a Bach Partita at 160 BPM.
Unlike exercises where the participant is merely strengthening muscles, playing violin is a complete exercise for mind, body, and spirit.
"It differs from exercise for the sake of health or stress relief," says Harry L.
Mills, PhD.
In his book, "Physical Actualization," Dr.
Mills focuses on the experience of physical activity.
Mills says "playing requires tremendous physical skills.
Somewhere behind the physical actualization is a drive towardself-expression through disciplining the body.
The actualization process involves the whole person, making it a totalexperience.
" This fresh new look on exercise is apparent in health journals everywhere.
"Playing a musical instrument" (violin andcello in particular) is recommendation #15 in the Diabetes Self-Management's "100 Tips for a Healthier Life.
" Once more people discover this little exercise secret and turn to the violin, we flabby fiddle teachers will be in the best shape (other than round) ever!

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