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Features Of The Savings And Loans Visa Debit Card

The Savings and Loans Visa debit card allows consumers to enjoy a range of features to take advantage of the freedom a debit card brings. No need to worry about credit card debt with this one as you won't be able to spend the money before you've actually saved it first.

When you want the convenience and acceptance of a credit card without the cost of one, a Visa debit card is the perfect choice. Savings and Loans offer a card that can be used just like a credit card but is linked to one of your bank accounts. This way the money comes straight from your account rather then being borrowed and then incurring interest from a credit card provider.

A Visa debit card

Savings and Loans offer a Visa debit card to their members. They are a credit union which, unlike a traditional bank, does not have shareholders. Credit unions are owned by their members allowing them to use their profits to reduce fees and improve services for their customers rather then having to pay them out to the shareholders. Savings and Loans recently merged with Australia credit union together forming one of Australia's largest credit unions.

Benefits Of A Credit Union Debit Card

Link To Any Account - You may link your debit card back to an Everyday, Retirement and Pension, Cash Manager, Easy, Line of Credit, or even the Loan Offset from your mortgage account.

Overdraft Protection - With the exception of the cash manager account all of these accounts have overdraft protection. This means your card will not be declined and allows you to make purchases that you might not have quite enough cash to cover.

Worldwide Acceptance - Your debit card will carry the Visa logo which means it will be accepted all over the world at anywhere that accepts Visa. This includes online and telephone transactions and foreign transactions while travelling abroad.

Security Protection - Your card will come with a zero liability guarantee from Visa. If you report any fraudulent charges to your account you will not be charged for them. The card itself is embedded with advanced chip an pin technology to further protect you from fraud. The technology requires you to enter a secret PIN number when you make transactions with your card. Since you should be the only person who knows that code it makes it more difficult for fraudulent charges to occur.

Using a Savings and Loans debit card instead of a credit card is just as convenient as using a regular credit card. The only difference you will experience is the lack of a big bill flooded with interest fees at the end of each month. If you want to avoid extra costs but still have the convenience of a credit card the Visa debit card is the answer to all of your problems.

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