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Chelation Treatments

Chelation refers to a chemical substance that is used to remove molecules such as minerals and metals from the body.
It holds these molecules together tightly to facilitate their excretion from the body.
It removes toxic metals from the body before any damage is done to the body.
It is extensively used in cases of poisoning.
The most common form of chelating agent is EDTA.
It a man made amino acid.
EDTA removes minerals and metals from the body.
These minerals include copper, iron and calcium.
This chelating agent is approved by the Food and drug Administration in USA.
It is medically proved treatment for lead and other heavy metal poisoning.
It is also used in the treatment of atherosclerosis though the FDA has not approved it.
But as an alternative medicine chelation helps improve blood circulation and remove the plaques formed in the blood vessels.
It has the ability to dissolve the metals.
There is a wide application of chelation.
It is also used in chemical analysis and water softeners.
It is extensively used as a an ingredient in shampoos and preservatives.
Water treatment plans, such steam engineering and boiler water treatment use chelators as a cleansing agent.
Some physical conditions in which chelation are instrumental are circulatory disorder, coronary artery disease, gangrene and angina.
But this treatment requires some medical tests.
These tests include blood pressure test, cholesterol test, kidney function test and sugar test.
These tests are done to ensure safety of the patients.
In this treatment intravenous injections are used.
The injection contains EDTA.
It is administered 3 times in a week.
One session of injection 3 hours long and at least 30 sessions are necessary for the desired result.
The chances of side effects in the chelation treatments are not very high.
It also depends on the dose of the chelating agent.
The administration of this medicine gives a burning effect on the body.
Some of the side effects likely to occur include headache, fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset and low blood pressure.
But this therapy may be dangerous if it is not done correctly.
That is why safety concerns and danger involved in the chelation treatment has made it controversial.
Some people raised alarm against the chelating agents but still there is no conclusive report confirming the danger of chelation therapy has been found.
Today number of patients visiting hospitals for cheletion therapy is large in America and European countries.

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