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How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection Without Medicine? Safe and Effective Natural Treatments

Yeast infection is probably the test of will and patience for 75% of women who are suffering the condition.
It is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans, which is not the sole specie for Candida but the most common cause of this particular infection.
For women, the problem is unbearable especially with the itch, burning and discomfort.
But, do not fret.
There are many ways that you can get rid of this problem without using medicine.
The first natural cure would be the plain, unsweetened and unflavored yogurt.
Yogurts are manufactured with beneficial bacteria and this will help your body fight against yeast.
It may sound gross to apply yogurt internally and externally on the genital area but it is something that would benefit you and your condition in more ways than one.
Why is it that you need to utilize unsweetened yogurt? It is because yeasts feed on sugar and this is very crucial when you are trying to cure your problem with natural remedies.
For practical application, you can use a tampon and dip it into the yogurt then insert in your vagina and rub it on the external side.
Do not by any means leave the tampon inside the vagina because it may give you the opposite effect.
The second natural cure is garlic.
If you want a cheap, readily available and effective treatment for your problem, garlic will be the great answer.
One garlic tab would be enough to give you instant relief from the itching, burning and discomfort.
You may do this every few hours and as needed.
But, this would not be possible when you are outside your home since this may disrupt your work not to mention the embarrassment of putting garlic into your genitalia.
However, when you have plenty of time, this is the best natural treatment there is.
Be sure that it is pure, natural and clean so that the benefits would be two-fold.
The third natural treatment option on the list is the apple-cider vinegar.
It can be used internally and externally as well.
But, you should not apply it directly into the skin of your genitalia because it is very concentrated and is strong.
The best method of application would be to add it into the water you use for bathing (lukewarm) and take a bath on it.
However, the efficiency of the treatment is not long-term but they provide an all-day relief from the symptoms.
Finally, nothing beats water when it comes to therapy.
Water is the best treatment and the most powerful remedy ever existed in the whole world.
You can drink it, take a bath with it and cleanse your vaginal area.
Whatever you do, the effect will still be the same and it is to help you soothe the symptoms out.

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