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You Don't Have To Go To Portugal To Learn Portuguese

There is not a more effective or enjoyable way to pick up another language than when you do it in a native speaking country. You might have long since wanted to learn Portuguese. Or it might be a new idea than has recently dawned on you for business or personal reasons. Whatever your reasons, you can get immediate inspiration about how to learn languages abroad at

When Portuguese is your language of choice, you are forgiven for immediately thinking about Lisbon. Everyone immediately thinks of capital cities first.  Hundreds upon thousands of non-native speakers have had wonderful adventures after choosing to learn Portuguese in Lisbon. Details about learning options in Lisbon can be found at

Yet Portugal itself is not the only native Portuguese speaking country.  Another very attractive option for you to consider is Brazil.  Part of the beauty of language courses abroad is their flexibility. When perusing them at, you will quickly notice that opportunities are available to you to learn Portuguese, or any other language, in countries other than that from which a language originates. This offers you enormous flexibility to match your chosen language with your budget, your geographical location and, of course, your dream destination.

You can learn Portuguese during a Brazilian homestay in Bebedouro, detailed at Staying with a native Portuguese speaking Brazilian Tutor and his or her family, conversing and socialising with them on a daily basis, you will soon get to grips with the grammar of the language and its turns of phrase. You and your Tutor can also specifically address your learning needs together and tailor make them to suit your pace and preferred format.

Brazil also offers more than one language school abroad, as can be seen at Sao Paolo is renowned for being one of the liveliest carnival cities in the world, ensuring that students are never short of a great social life to enhance their language learning. Lovers of a relaxed life can learn Portuguese in Maceio, whilst soaking up some of Latin America's finest beaches, coral reefs, sailboats, sandbanks and naturally occurring swimming pools.

Eurolingua, a leading specialist in learning languages abroad, has all the information at its fingertips to share with you. If you decide to learn Portuguese in Portugal, you can form some initial impressions by looking at If Brazil cries out to you, Eurolingua is at your service to match you up with a suitable Homestay, at or language school.

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