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How to Organize a Teenager"s Closet

Organizing a teen's closet may be considered a lost cause to some parents. However, using custom closet systems can minimize the mess and provide some structure to teenagers and their lifestyles. Choosing a closet organizing system that allows them to be creative with format and style will likely have more success than a specific format they must follow.

Teens may choose from modular systems that can be ordered a la cart and assembled in their own design or with a selection of pre-fabricated modular kits with pieces that can be put together in a variety of ways.

Open-air shelves and slats are among the most popular closet organization ideas for today's junior high, high school and college students. They eliminate the step of opening and closing drawers to find the right outfit and clothing that matches. Having all components of outfits visible means less rummaging through inventory. When fewer clothes are pulled out, this means fewer clothes to put back once the right outfit is found. Hangers are another way to see available clothing. For those with smaller closets, using a double hanger system supplies more space for shirts, skirts, blouses and jackets. Accessory baskets are helpful for items that don't need to be folded or are small and can get lost easily. For example, socks, belts and beanies are easy to find and keep organized in wire baskets.

Shoes can be a great difficulty, especially for teenage girls who have a pair for every occasion. Keeping shoes in the box requires a lot of space and patience. A less time-consuming method is a lower shelf system with tilted racks. Shoes are places on each rack where they are clearly visible and easy to find with mates. A shoe fence prevents them from sliding forward on the angled shelf and falling out into the closet or onto the bedroom floor.

For large closets that house all of the teenager's clothes, drawers can be used for items that don't work well in baskets, on shelves or on hangers. Underwear, hair accessories, stockings and leggings are all good candidates for drawers. They allow teens a storage space for items that are hard to keep track of or might cause embarrassment in front of visiting friends or pesky siblings.

Scarf and Tie Rack
Teenage boys with ties and scarves or girls with scarves need a place to hang ties where they are clearly visible and won't become wrinkled. For those with several, a multi-tie rack with several sleeves is available.

Parents and teens should opt for ordering designer closets that need little skill with tape measures and screwdrivers or cordless drills to assemble. Inserting pieces into slots and using screws and brackets to hold everything together should be simple enough for those who can read and follow directions. Once the kit has arrived, the teen can choose from the different suggested designs or add their own flair. Those who enjoy designing may want to draw out sketches on paper or on their favorite computer design application. Once the location of all pieces has been determined, the teen can spend a few hours putting it together on their own or with a faithful friend. This can also be quality time spent with a parent; a helpful concept for those who have never used any tools before.

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