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Baby Shower Cake Alternatives

Dainty ducks made out of sugar frosting are great for a first birthday party, but the new grandma in the room might secretly be wishing it were something a little more...interesting. After all, it's not often that friends and family can come together to celebrate a new pregnancy, so why not forgo the traditional store-bought baby shower cake with the pastel building blocks and make something that adults will be more than eager to sink their teeth into?
If you're looking to break away from the traditoinal baby shower cake routine, try these sophisticated and interesting alternatives!
Frozen cakes are great, especially in the summer - they take minimal ingredients and incorporating your favorite ice cream flavor into the recipe is easy!
Or you can try invidual cakes for your guests. Chocolate lava cakes are a great treat that you can garnish with fresh raspberries or chocolate dipped strawberries for a healthy illusion.
Why not go with a decadent, calorie-laden cheesecake? A turtle cheesecake is a great way to go. Hey, if you're going to cheat on your diet, why not make it out?!
There's also the gluten-free option. This is a great idea for guests with special diety needs. You could try a gluten-free yellow cake recipe adapted for individual cupcakes if you don't want to make a whole cake. These are sure to be appreciated by some of your guests!
Any of these cakes or desserts can easily be decorated to coincide with your baby shower theme. Decorative cake toppers, accents and lay-on graphcis can add the finishing touches to whatever you decide to whip up.

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