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How to Fit Electric Motors to Kayaks and Canoes

Electric motors are perfect for use with fishing boats as well as all sorts of kayaks and canoes as they provide very quiet power and propulsion, making it easy to glide through the water unheralded, able to enjoy a serene or wild environment without any interruptions. To achieve the best boating experience possible, it is important to select and install your marine grade machinery properly, ensuring a snug, reliable fit.

First of all, you should find an electric motor specifically designed for your model of kayak or canoe, as well as your typical environment and boating conditions. This is important because if you choose an electric motor designed to fit onto larger boats your lightweight vessel will be weighed down and its performance in the water will be inhibited. Similarly, you need to choose between machines which are best suited to providing high speeds and agile manoeuvrability, and electric motors perfect for giving steady resistance to rocky waves.

After purchasing the correct electric motor for your kayak or canoe, you will need to consider how you will mount it to your vessel. A special boating mount is needed for this. You should take care to purchase a mount that is strong enough to support your additional machinery, but also not so heavy that it impairs the performance of your kayak. Each different model of canoe may have a different site specified for mounting an engine, but generally the mount will be affixed to the starboard (right) or stern (rear) of a kayak or canoe.

If you want a custom solution for your canoe or kayak, then you might find that it is easiest to build your own electric motor mount. Before attempting your DIY project you should inspect some professional mount models to see how the weight of the machine can be distributed across the vessel safely and evenly. This is the most important consideration as a heavily loaded mount can tip your entire canoe over, significantly threatening your safety.

A simple electric motor mount can be constructed simply by attaching a durable hardwood plank across the top edge of the gunwales of your vessel, making sure that it is long enough to span your boat and support the electric motor. A transom also needs to be constructed and attached to the back panel of the stern of your kayak. You should try to keep your transom mount as low as possible to keep the centre of gravity low for your entire vessel, and to ensure that the propeller remains under the water.

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