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How to Drive Good, Targeted Visitors To Your Website

Targeted traffic is the lifeblood of your website.
If you don't get any traffic, there is absolutely no way for you to make money.
Many internet marketers struggle with this and this is the one thing that they have to get right in order to be successful.
In this article, we will discuss methods to get real, sustainable traffic.
Press Releases: Writing and submitting press releases to sites like Prweb.
com is a great way to get lots of hits to your website and to your press release.
Webmasters and media professionals from all over the world, scour this site for news.
If they find your press release relevant and newsy, without being an advertisement, then they may place it on their website.
A second benefit to PRweb.
com is that they have a great search engine optimization system in place and they can help get your press release and your web site ranked sky high.
Just make sure to cover the basics.
Don't shoot for keywords that are too competitive.
Also be sure to add the keywords that you are looking to get ranked for in the title of the release and a few times throughout.
PRweb will charge you to make your links live, but if you optimize it correctly, it will be money well spent.
Viral, Free Reports: Free, viral reports are another good way to get traffic to your website or offer.
Simply write a short report, 5-10 pages, about a specific topic.
Be sure that it is well written and that it offers good, valuable information.
This is because you are going to want to upsell either an affiliate product or one of your own.
If you provide them a crappy product, there is no way that they are going to take your recommendation to purchase anything else.
Give away your free reports at internet marketing forums (the Warrior Forum has a free ebook section), software download sites, free ebook websites, free classified sites and social networking/bookmarking sites.
Article Marketing: Article marketing has been around for awhile and you have undoubtedly heard a lot about it.
This is because it works and it is free.
Simply write a couple of articles a day and submit them to top article directories.
Be sure to write an original article for EzineArticles, because they perform well in the search engines and having the same article at other article directories may negatively affect your ability to get ranked.
Also, EzineArticles only accepts original articles.
For other articles, you can use an article submitter and submit to hundreds of article directories for free traffic.
Social Networking: Social networking sites are a great way to get free, targeted traffic.
Simply submit a short description about your website, and a link to your website with the appropriate tags and this should generate you a few good visitors.
Pay-Per-Click: This is probably the most well-known and most expensive ways to generate traffic.
You simply create a small add, bid on some keywords and you can get up can be up and going in a matter of minutes.
Pay-per-click is risky because you can spend lots of money and not see any return.
Google Groups: Google, Yahoo and MSN Groups are an often untapped method to getting traffic.
Simply visit the Groups website and find a relevant group and add an informative post.
Don't spam, add something of value and be sure to place a link to your website so people can find more information.
This is simple and great way to grab a few, targeted visitors.

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