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Bridesmaid Shoes

The wedding ceremony is a happy moment where the bride and groom share an important moment with loved ones.
It is an almost festive affair that usually involves constant planning which eventually culminates in the actually marriage day itself.
While it is an enjoyable event, preparing for a wedding ceremony usually involves very tedious arrangements.
Appearances are of prime importance which is why the bride usually stresses over very minor details.
Organizing a successful ceremony is very important as is looking you best on that special day.
But there is another role that is often overlooked that of the bridesmaid.
Bridesmaids today are largely a ceremonial role but in the past, they were crucial in assisting the bride in all things from planning to the actual marriage itself.
For that reason, it is imperative that the bridesmaid looks her part during the wedding.
It's also not uncommon for the bridesmaid and the bride to shop for their dresses together.
This is because the color theme is often chosen by the bride.
Anything worn by the bridesmaid is meant to compliment the bride on the day itself.
For that reason, the bridesmaid requires clothing that is both elegant but also understated enough so as not to risk outshining the bride.
Bridesmaid shoes are considered the finishing touch to the dress.
Careful attention needs to be paid to the theme chosen by the bride.
Because of this, colors are usually limited to one that is specified by the bride or one that melds well with the overall theme.
For example, if the theme color involves blue and purple, bridesmaid shoes chosen need to be similar or complementary to the theme.
However, if no color theme is specified, then you have a huge range to choose from.
You generally want to avoid buying something too specific because this enables you to use the shoes in the future for a wide range of formal events.
For that reason, black is by far the best color.
It is supremely versatile and is a color that is safe enough for many outfits.
For something that is more traditional for weddings, then you will have to choose from three main colors, white, silver and gold.
Among the three, silver and white are the two most popular colors for weddings in the West.
They are also well suited for many occasions beyond weddings.
White bridesmaid shoes are a classic color for weddings.
They are match well with the themes of most weddings since so many of them revolve around the color white these days.
A pure color that is bright, they do tend to get dirty easily however.
You have a range of shades to choose from including flat white to off-white colors like ivory.
For the classic bridesmaid shoe, you cannot go wrong with silver.
Silver is actually the most popular color within the metallic range as well.
Those that are a very light shade of silver are the easiest to match while the opposite is also true.
Therefore, you don't want something that looks like pewter as these may be difficult to match for other formal dinners.

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