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What Are the Treatments for Muscle Strains?


    • Resting a strained muscle is an effective treatment that helps to reduce irritation and swelling of the muscle, alleviating pain and increasing flexibility. Avoiding activities that utilize or stress the strained muscle is advised until pain and inflammation subside.

    Ice Treatment

    • Applying ice or an ice pack to a strained muscle helps reduce swelling and irritation of the muscle and also helps to reduce pain.

    Heat Treatment

    • In addition to ice treatment, applying heat, either a heating pad or heated towels, to a strained muscle helps increase blood circulation to the strained area and also helps to increase muscle flexibility, both of which help decrease pain and speed healing.


    • Gently massaging a muscle strain increases circulation to the area and prevents muscle tightening and cramping, which reduces pain and speeds healing. The fingers or hands can be used to apply gentle massaging strokes to the strained muscle.

    Aerobic Exercise

    • Aerobic exercise helps to reduce muscle strain-related pain and tightness by raising core body temperature and increasing circulation throughout the body, both of which help to promote muscle elasticity and reduce pain levels.

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