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Decoding the Female Orgasm For Women

There are plenty of articles out there; advising men how to give a woman an orgasm, but it is harder to find articles teaching women how to masturbate.
Masturbation is a completely normal bodily function and a key to any honest relationship.
If men did not masturbate they get cranky and more likely to cheat on their significant other if their needs are not being met.
How is it any different with women? It's not, and I can tell you how to make your masturbation a more liberating experience instead of being a shameful one! Look at yourself: Looking at your vagina in a mirror and looking at pictures on line will help you become familiar with yourself.
Experiment with what feels good when you touch it, all the while studying in the mirror.
Beginners Masturbation: Using your fingers is probably the easiest way to masturbate, but it might not be the most effective.
Try using them in conjunction with a shower or clenching your thighs together.
Women who think fingering is the only way to masturbate quickly give up on it because it takes longer for a woman to orgasm than it does a man.
Using Toys: Using a vibrator or a dildo is the most common way to masturbate because they are more readily available than they were a decade ago.
They are so popular because they bring you to orgasm quicker and they feel very good.
Some women orgasm harder with a vibrator, than they ever would by having sex with a man.
Stimulation with everyday things: Using everyday things around the house can be exciting when alone, just make sure to wash it off! You can use make up brushes, feathers, shower heads, and the list goes on and on.
  These are more fun than anything else.
Embrace your right to masturbate women! Tell your partner that you masturbate and he can watch, if he likes.
Try these suggestions and make you alone time count!

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