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What to Look for in Home Carpet Shampooers

    How Often You Use It

    • Individuals that only use a carpet shampooer once or twice per year can purchase many models made by Bissell and Hoover. Many of these models cost well less than $200. The average cost of a professional carpet cleaning in a home with 1,000 square foot of carpet is $300, and homeowners should clean their carpets at least once per year. While inexpensive carpet shampooers are adequate for light use, those with heavily soiled carpets, pets and active children may find that higher-end models such as those made by Kirby last much longer.

    How You Get Water to the Unit

    • A carpet shampooer needs water in order to clean carpets. Some carpet cleaners have hoses that connect to your faucet. The benefit is that you do not have to bend over and change the water whenever it gets dirty. However, you will only be able to clean an area that can reach a faucet. This could limit the usefulness of the unit if your home doesn't have very many faucets.

      Other carpet shampooers have a water tank. The benefit of this type of carpet shampooer is that you can use it virtually anywhere. The downside is that you will have to empty and refill the tank. If you have certain physical ailments such as arthritis, this can make using a carpet cleaner very uncomfortable.

    Brushes and Size

    • Rotating brushes can help break up heavy soil in carpets. However, the brushes can be very hard on the carpet fibers. If you plan on cleaning your carpets more than once or twice per year, you need a carpet cleaner without brushes or brushes that do not rotate.

      You should also consider the size of the carpet shampooer. If you have stairs, you need to realize that you will have to lug the unit up and down your stairs. If you live on a single-level home, you may be able to comfortably use a large unit. You should measure your doorways in any area you wish to clean to ensure that whatever carpet shampooer you purchase will be able to be used wherever you desire.

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