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Stopping Smoking is Important Not Just Because You Might Die But Because of Something Much Worse

I have talked to lots of chronic smokers and from what I can picture in their conversations they think the worse that can happen to them is death.
Well, in as much as death is part of the story, it's not just death that can be worse.
This article looks at what could be worse than death, if you continue to smoke.
You see, seriously, death for a smoker is even merciful.
I am talking about the kind of death which comes with no health complications.
Sadly that's not the case for most smokers.
Before death comes for most smokers, much more damage would have been done to their health, especially to their lungs.
Imagine having your lungs completely destroyed by smoking and still being alive to "suffer" the damage from smoking! This is not pleasant at all and it should be good enough reason to quit the dangerous habit right now.
I mean - why should you want to have your health and lungs completely destroyed in the future when you can prevent that from happening right now?! It's no longer news that smoking indeed destroys one's health, especially one's lungs.
So, you should quit the habit so as to be able to live long and, most importantly, live well and healthy.
What's the use of living long if you are not healthy to enjoy it? But if you quit the habit right away, you can live long and enjoy it with a good health.
Isn't that good enough reason to quit now?!

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