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How to Lose Your Stomach Fat Quickly - 5 Ways not to Lose Stomach Fat

Here are some myths NOT to believe when looking for ways to lose stomach fat.

1) Fat is the #1 concentrated supplier of calories. You hear all kinds of information about it: Cut the fat/Embrace the fat. Which should you do? Fat also is an essential nutrient supplier and adds to your sense of well-being. Be aware that some fats are good, and some fats are bad. Seek out good fats from low fat dairy products, fish, seeds, avocados, and nuts.

The goal should be to include a half of a gram of fat for every pound of weight that you want.

2) Do Sit Ups Diminish Belly Fat? No! Sit-ups don't provide much resistance, and they don't cause fat to just melt off your belly. Generally, exercising certain muscle groups will not burn fat from that area of your body. If you want to lose body fat, it is best to employ training made up of a combination of interval training and multi-movement exercise. This, along with limiting your caloric intake, will stimulate your fat burning hormones.

3) Carbs are not your friend - Incorrect. There are good types of carbs and bad types of carbs. People who think that low carb diets are the only way to lose weight are misguided.

It is not true that carbs, on their own, make you gain weight. So don't listen to the preaching being done about carbs - we all need carbs in our diet. The carbs you should get are the wholesome, natural kind. Leave off processed carbs. These include chips, white rice, white bread and other foods that have had all the nutrients processed right out of them.

Carbs should be consumed with your goals, your body type, and your health status in mind.

4) You should not eat any food after 7pm - Losing weight is more about what and how much you eat rather than when you eat. Snacking on foods that are not nutritious will increase your body fat. If you have a hard time resisting snacking altogether, work on re-educating your taste buds. Introduce them to small, healthy snacks.

5) Food is Not Your Enemy - We need to eat to survive. If you think that you can lose more weight quickly just by eating less, you are mistaken. It is not only unhealthy, it is also unmanageable. If you are able to accomplish losing twenty to thirty pounds quickly, you will probably gain it back in half the time.

The best way to lose weight and body fat for the long term is slowly and steadily. Your body requires a certain amount of calories for energy, so if you do not get enough of them, your metabolism will slow down. Also, if you deprive your body of food, you might start to crave certain items and make up those missing calories by snacking on junk food.

In the final analysis, the things to do are simple. Keep away from high calorie foods and sugary drinks. Eat well! Consume a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Regular exercise will help you on your way to being healthier; and it will help you increase your metabolism and live a longer life.

This will help you lose the belly fat for good.


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