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Electronic Sign Regulations

    • Electronic sign regulations vary by state.Liquor store neon sigh image by aideenm from

      Electronic sign regulations are flexible enough to keep businesses thriving and keep people safe. In most states, electronic signs in vehicles are prohibited and video display signs for businesses need a special permit. Stores and event complexes are able to display electronic signage and advertisements, but to refrain from causing disruptions to neighborhoods or distractions to drivers they must fall within the scope of the law.

    Time and Temperature Signs

    • Electronic time and temperature signs attached to walls (that do not rotate) are called "cabinet signs". These signs are limited to locations outside of residential quarters and most audio features are not allowed by law--unless specially permitted. According to the City Council of the City of Bloomington, Minnesota, no rotating time and temperature sign shall exceed seven rotations in a one minute period. These displays must exhibit each individual piece of information for at least two seconds.

    Graphic Displays

    Multi-Vision Signs

    • In addition to being located away from residential zones, multi-vision signs must be divided from similar signage by a minimum of 35 feet. The face of a multi-vision sign must also be oriented away from existing residential lot structures when the sign is located less than 150 feet from a neighborhood zone. On average, multi-vision images must be displayed one at a time for a period lasting at least 8 seconds. Image transition times should take no longer than 2 seconds.

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