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How to Take a PS3 Apart

  • 1). Remove the rubber foot above the console's HDD slot with a flat-head screwdriver and remove the torx screw underneath with the torx screwdriver. Place all loose screws and tiny parts in a cup for safekeeping.

  • 2). Slide the top cover down about 2 inches and pop it up. It should lift off the casing, revealing seven screws underneath. Remove the screws with a Phillips head screwdriver and place them in a cup.

  • 3). Push in the plastic clips on the back of the console on both sides (you may need to use screwdrivers to push the clips in) and simultaneously lift the casing off. This will reveal the internal components of the console.

  • 4). Remove the five screws surrounding the silver power supply box on the left and unplug the supply's plugs with needle-nose pliers. The plug has two tiny white wires heading into a white connector. Lift the power supply out.

  • 5). Remove the four screws underneath the power supply to disconnect the Bluetooth board. This is the component that allows the console to sync with wireless accessories via Bluetooth.

  • 6). Unplug the remaining ribbon cables and power cables from the motherboard using the needle-nose pliers. This will disconnect every major component. The Blu-ray drive will simply lift out of the unit.

  • 7). Remove the four screws connecting the large metal plate to the rest of the console and lift it out. This will expose more circuitry underneath.

  • 8). Remove the remaining screws in the circuitry and use needle-nose pliers to gently remove any remaining components.

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