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Dating has gotten more complicated, theres no question about it. What most women want to know is how to attract (and keep) a man. In other words, What does a man want?

We know the usual stuff We know that men like to be told what we want, not to have to guess. We know that when they get grumpy or withdrawn, they go in the cave, and want to be left alone, and that it usually isnt about us, they just want time alone. Especially if youve got a Scorpio, let your magnetic, mysterious guy crawl off and hide when he needs to. Hes charismatic, and you may dread his going off, but its worth it to avoid the sting of an annoyed Scorpio.

We also know men like to be listened to with respect. In fact, someone has said that to be a man is to be listened to. Well, yes, he probably likes to talk, and when he does, he wants us just to listen. He is not interested in feedback, just an audience, a sounding board. Any comments may be construed as criticism, or that you assume hes weak and needs help. Be particularly careful with this with an Aries guy. They cannot stand to be criticized. Incidentally, this will be more pleasant with a Gemini guy, because they are usually excellent in diplomacy and will dazzle you with their mercurial wit and brilliance.

Men cant stand it when we dont say were mad when we are, but let it fester. Its especially annoying when we store it as resentment, and then attack them at a snuggly time. (This is like sabotage and builds up a sort of avoidance routine you dont want to get in to.) If youve got a Cancer guy, be especially careful about this. Theyre natural psychic, so you cant fool them, they know. So own up, get it out, get it over with.

Men want us to talk sweet! Teasing and sarcasm are turnoffs, as well as confusing. The knee-jerk reaction from a guy is to consider it an attack. With your Taurus guy, it should quickly develop into a silent rapport that is easier to deal with.

Men like to be acknowledged! (Dont we all!) Catch him doing something right (or good or that you like) and thank him and youll likely get more of this. This works particularly well on a Leo because he cannot stand being controlled or dictated to. Handle him right and he is the most generous and magnanimous of the signs. Acknowledging the good things he does will cause the King of the Jungle to sheathe those claws and purr like a pussycat.

We know that men liked to be loved just as they are. Take special caution with your Aquarius guy. They are almost unbelievably independent. Any suggestion of change, will engender, Its MY life! Thats not what you meant, but why go there?

Guys also like reassurance. Once he knows youre in it for the long-haul, heart and soul, he will fall right in line. You first! Especially if your love is a Virgo. To the Virgo male, love is not dramatic, emotional, or sentimental, it is devotion. Say it, show it, give it, and you will get.

No surprises here. So whats the OTHER thing men want? I know youve been waiting for this

Well, he really wants to be his best self, to know who he is, why he is here his purpose and that hes living it out and its worthwhile. One gift you can give your man is find out his Spiritual Life Path, remind him of it, and let him know hes on it.

He wants meaning in his life, just like you do. It isnt all about money, a new car, a Rolex or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. A mans life work goes best when it is aligned with his spiritual life purpose. This can be seen from his chart by an experienced astrologer who is knowledgeable in the spiritual life purpose. It involves his whole sense of being, worth and the meaning of his life. A Spiritual Life Path Report makes a wonderful gift to your guy for the holidays, for Valentines Day, for his birthday, or simply for you to know and keep in mind as you love your man, whatever his sign.

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