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How to Install a Mustang JBA Header

    Installing the Header

    • 1). Unbolt the clamps at the back of the factory H-pipe. The H-pipe goes between the exhaust pipes and evens out the back-pressure. One connection is a traditional nut-bolt arrangement. The other is a latch that must be unhooked with a screwdriver.

    • 2). Disconnect the three oxygen sensors from the factory H-pipe and the hangers connecting them to the body of the car.

    • 3). From the engine compartment, remove the intake manifold. This must be done in order to take off the exhaust manifold.

    • 4). Remove the top row of exhaust manifold bolts on both sides

    • 5). Under the car, remove the bolts from the bottom part of the exhaust manifold.

    • 6). Leave the steel gaskets in place. They're very durable and can be reused. Be careful to keep them in place.

    • 7). With the old exhaust manifold removed, you can thread the new headers up from the bottom of the car. You may have to remove the starter motor to move the passenger side header to its proper place and unhook the steering shaft and take off the dipstick tube for the driver side header. Slide the headers onto the bolts, being careful of the gaskets.

    • 8). Finger tighten the bottom nuts onto the bolts. Replace the starter motor, steering shaft and dipstick tube.

    • 9). Install wiring extensions for the oxygen sensors since they are now farther away from the engine.

    • 10

      Finger tighten the upper row of nuts on both sides. Use a torque wrench to complete the tightening. Tighten to the amount indicated in the instructions.

    • 11

      Attach the exhaust pipes and H-pipe.

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