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Select Your New Camping Tent, But How?

Going camping is a great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Finding the right tent can make it the perfect experience. Tent suppliers in the UK offer different options in camping gear packages and accessories. A good quality tent must protect from the weather elements and provide shelter from unexpected non-human intruders when you are out on holiday. Many types are available and the choice of the best gear for your needs can be made based on a number of factors. Backpacking campers choose lightweight and portable gear to make it easy for them to carry around.

Important considerations in making the choice are:
The season you intend to go camping
The size of the group
The shape
The sturdiness of the material
The frequency of camping trips
Your budget

Tents for sale in Ireland are usually sold as three season and four season models which can be used during all seasons except heavy snow and rain. These come with a mosquito net panel that can be zipped in to keep bugs away while enjoying the ventilation it provides. The four season type can withstand the harsh winter weather and has sturdy poles for balance.

Size-wise, tent suppliers in the UK offer 2 to 7 person designs depending on how many people will occupy it. The size must be able to accommodate the number of people going camping, along with the gear they carry. The 5 man and 7 man designs are the best for large families

If possible, you can also rent to see how it suits your needs and invest in its purchase later. Tents for sale in the UK can be tried before they are bought. Often the shops set the shelter up for display to enable you check if it is a good fit for your needs.
Shape can be another deciding factor while making your choice. If there are tall people in the group of campers, there must be enough space to store the gear as well as relax. Family tents are available as cabin style and dome style.

The importance of the rain fly

Your tent must come with a rain fly that shields it from rain. The rain fly wraps the entire structure insulating it in cold weather while providing ventilation in warm weather. There is also flooring made of heavy duty water resistant material which lines the floor area, keeping the gear and sleeping campers dry and safe when there are rains. The flooring must be kept free from debris and dirt to prolong its life. The dirt can be minimized by using a little rug at the entrance or doorway. The ease of access is another aspect and this is determined by the pole structure.

After deciding on the size of the shelter you need, choose quality gear. A reasonably priced tent may be adequate for the occasional trip in mild weather but if you plan to go camping often in different types of weather, look for a sturdy tent for sale in the UK. This will not only last many seasons but also prove to be value for money.

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