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Panasonic Portable Blu-Ray Disc Player Review

If it is a fifty inch TV you are after to watch your movies on, well then the Panasonic Portable Blu-ray Disc Player (Panasonic DMP-B500 WiFi Enabled 10.
1-Inch Screen Portable Blu-ray Disc Player been the technical term) is definitely not for you.
But, If you are somebody with a Blu-Ray collection who travels a lot and wants a way to watch them on the move, then this little baby is your savior.
This Panasonic is a small and easily portable design but it offers the same state of the art technology standards found in regular Blu-ray players.
The display is sharp and bright and the unit is very well designed with solid construction.
You can Easily stream Netflix movies with no problem, stream TV shows and music using various of platforms such as Amazon Video on demand, Netflix, You-tube etc.
using the wireless Lan Adaptor, which is fantastic.
The screen is an excellent 10.
1 inch LCD screen, the colors are vivid and accurate while the screen is in operation there is no glare in a dark room, while still being easily visible in sunlight and room light.
It comes with a SD memory card slot, built in speakers, a single head phone jack and a remote control.
On a full battery you get three hours and this can be stretched to 4 hours if you mess with the screens brightness.
You can navigate using the remote control or with the control knob on top of the unit.
The remote is simple enough, but personally I wish it was smaller.
Also if I wanted to pause a movie I have to use the remote and cannot use any buttons on the player it self which is a little bit of a nuisance, for me anyway.
Another little problem I have is the screen does not clam-shell which is a shame, and can make it hard to watch by a hotel bedside etc but because of that, a case is an essential add-on for your purchase and can help easily fix this problem.
Apart from this, I do like the option of using it as a digital picture frame, that is a great option in the player.
So instead of having it sit in a closet or chest when not watching a movie, you can put a SD card, or thumb drive in it to show digital pictures, fantastic.
The B500 is definitely superior in terms of Sound and Picture Size.
The extra functions such as the Photo Frame and Calendar are cool Add-ons.
You can purchase cheaper non-BluRay players but this unit makes an excellent portable unit and the wireless streaming makes it fantastic, as even crappy hotels have free wireless these days.

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