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Homes for sale in Reston VA

Reston was the first private community in the United States to incorporate the preservation of nature into its planning. This has resulted in many homes for sale in Reston VA having a backyard wildlife habitat. This term implies that the backyards of certain houses provide a viable, natural and healthy ecosystem. Usually houses that have this designation have natural plants that attract insects, water, shelter and food for a variety of animals, including space for mothers to have their young.

Reston's principles focus on natural beauty, but though they insist that manmade structures be visually appealing, they do not exclude them. All Reston VA homes for sale will make use of the Reston town centre which is the central business district. It has high and low rise buildings, shops, restaurants, offices, a cinema and a hotel.

In an effort to make recreation, culture and the arts accessible to all, free concerts are held for residents in the summer. These take place on Thursday evenings at the Lake Anne Plaza and on Saturday evenings at the Reston Town Centre. The Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts also holds free concerts all year round. This is situated just 4 miles out of Reston and is the National Symphony Orchestra's summer home.

Homes for sale in Reston VA are all situated relatively close to a number of schools. Reston offers 10 elementary schools and six private schools. It also has several higher education centres. These include a satellite campus of the Northern Virginia Community College, the Marymount University - Reston Centre and the University of Phoenix - North Virginia Campus.

Due to the fact that Reston is an unincorporated area of Fairfax County, it runs its own council and supplies its own municipal services. These government-like services are overseen and provided by a non-profit organization called the Reston Association. When budgeting for payments on homes for sale in Reston VA, this monthly per household fee should be considered.

Reston VA homes for sale are all situated in medium density neighbourhoods. Though Reston is classified as an edge city, it is a quiet and peaceful place that is not burdened by traffic congestion or pedestrian dangers at all.

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