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A Short Glance Into The Negative Impact Of Obesity

Dozens of years of study and medical expertise have established how much obesity is detrimental to health. The health costs of obesity in 2010 for the US is massive and is well over 100 billion dollars per year. What appears contradictory is the billions that are also spent on fat loss products on a yearly basis. The US continues to be slowly gaining more weight with each passing year, or so it seems. What is additionally very well known are the many processed foods and beverages so many people consume. The primary issue with so many foods and drinks is they have poor varieties of fat and are full of sugar. We will discuss several of the negative consequences to health resulting from being obese.

One of the most significant consequences of obesity is type 2 diabetes, and a lot more new cases appear annually. More younger individuals in their teen years are overweight, and doctors are witnessing an upward spiral together with type 2 diabetes. Obesity is known to cause insulin resistance which is significant and a precursor to raised levels of blood sugar. A person who has already been substantially overweight or severely obese is at a high risk with a sugar rich diet. Many institutions and individuals have tried to make the general public aware of high fructose corn syrup in a great many drinks. This compound is a lot like very concentrated sugar and can send blood sugar levels soaring.

Common issues concerning joints are known to occur in highly obese people. The key areas are the weight supporting joints including hips, knees and ankles. Whenever the joints undergo so much wear and tear, they will create other serious issues such as arthritis. However, the remedy is not always so clear-cut as merely replacing a destroyed joint. People who are not obese can normally have successful joint replacement surgical treatment. Certainly only a doctor will make the final decision for those with abnormal weight problems. There are specific risks built in if surgery occurs as a result of the mechanics of the overall situation. The increased weight could possibly cause the joint to become loose which often can further injury encircling bone.

High blood pressure is a common occurance among those who definitely are obese. As with many other of our bodily functions, excessive fat puts a severe load on the body. All of the fat that is found is living tissue, and therefore it needs vital oxygen and also other nutritional needs. So that in turn causes one's heart to work much harder so it can provide what is required. The high blood pressure is merely due to this additional demand caused by the extra weight. There is also a boost in the heart rate as it functions in response to all that demand.

It is quite apparent that obesity is a situation that seriously impacts all capabilities of the body. But our conversation here today is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all that is possible.

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