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Monavie - How it"s Saving My Mom"s Life

When I first ordered Monavie, I knew it had tasted good. My friend who I was staying with was already ordering it. I knew it made me feel good, similar to how I felt on wheatgrass, without the gross taste. However, I didn't know it would change my Mom's life.

When I first joined Monavie I was looking for a work from home business and I knew that in order for it to work, people had to truly enjoy the product I was representing. I didn't just want this to be another business opportunity, I wanted this to be an income producing work at home asset for me for years to come.

So what I did is I bought a few cases of Monavie and sent it to my parents, a few friends and my brothers(2) to see what they thought of it. They weren't looking to start a home business, I just wanted their opinion on the product. To my surprise all of them liked it. But the real magic would happen when they had to order it for themselves. Anyone like something that is free right?

Because Monavie Active has glucosamine my mother and father stopped purchasing it in the pill form, which was costing them about $35.00 a month. My mother and father have a difficult time sleeping and they noticed that they were starting to wake up less and less during the night. Little by little they were noticing subtle things that weren't there before and they weren't "looking" for things to happen. They actually wanted to be skeptical about the product because of the price tag. (They were drinking 3 bottles between the 2 of them each month = $75)

The magic happened when my mother went for blood work 3 months after first taking Monavie. My mother has had high blood pressure for about 10 years and has refused to take medication for it. When the nurse took her blood pressure, she didn't believe what she saw, so she took it in the other arm just to make sure. Same results. So she went back to the original arm again to make sure she wasn't making a mistake. The same results.

My mother's blood pressure had dropped over 30 points from a mildly dangerous place to completely normal for her age. The nurse and doctors were stunned. She hadn't lost any weight, yet, and the only thing new to her diet was this berry drink she said was called Monavie.

My mother's blood pressure hadn't changed in over 5 years. The nurses and doctor was sure she was taking something. On to the cholesterol check.

Again, similar results. Her bad cholesterol was down 30 points and her good cholesterol was up. She was bordering high cholesterol in the 190's for her age(61) and it had been there for about the same time, 5 years.

Now a lot of people say, well the time of year matters and if she had any massive dietary changes, that can change results. Nope. My mom's blood was taken in early February, right after the holidays, which my Mom really indulges in. My mother has had these tests done all throughout the year and the numbers were always the same.

The best part is, she has since gone back and the numbers were the same. Needless to say all of her nurses and her doctor now drink Monavie, not for the home business opportunity, but for the results they have seen it get in other people.
If you are ever considering a home based business, always think about the long term sustainability of the product. If you are with a product or service that people value highly now and will continue to do so in the future, stick with it. If not, consider joining an opportunity that will be around for years and years to come.

In the words of my mother, "I will take Monavie until the day I die." If you have a devoted customer base like this in your business, you will do well for years and years to come.

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