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The Five People That Make Up Your Home-Based Business

In your business there are only five types of people in your group, each is unique and very important.
How well you understand them will determine your success with each.
Retail Customer - Retail customer are people who are only interested in buying your product: Wholesale Customer - Wholesale customers are people who are members and may or may not be on a auto ship.
There main interest is buying the product at wholesale price.
Wholesale Builder - Wholesale builders are people who buy wholesale, use the product, and have build a small to medium size business.
Renegade - Renegades are Business builders who want to build big, but do not follow any system and in turn have a hard time growing.
Business Builder - Business builders are people who build huge businesses, these are the leaders in your group.
The biggest mistake we make is training everyone the same.
If you have someone who is strictly a wholesale customer and that is all they want to be, then all they need to know is how to buy the product at wholesale, some product information and maybe how to sign someone up to buy wholesale.
Training on how to build a business really should only be offered to Business Builders, because that is the group that wants to build a business.
You can offer training to a Renegade, but you will find that they want to do their own thing, so let them.
Even though Business Builders are the leaders in your group, it is important to remember that the bulk of your volume will come from your wholesale customers and wholesale builders.
So it is important that you treat these members with importance.
Make sure they have everything they need, but no more.
It is a mistake to give this group more information then they ask for, they are not interested in knowing what your Business Builders are interested in.
I know we would love to have everyone in our group be Business Builders, but the reality is that 80% of those in our group will only be product users, the other 20% will be Wholesale Builders, Renegades, and Business Builders.
So do not feel offended if certain people do not want to attend opportunity meetings or trainings.
If you want, make it a point to ask people in your group what group they fall in.
If you let them identify themselves to you, then it is easy to see what kind of training they need and want.
Going about it this way will help you save time and energy.
Dream Big Jose Blanco

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