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3 Unusual Ways to Excite a Woman (Without Needing a Lot of Experience in Bed)

Are you looking for some interesting and inventive ways to excite your girl between the sheets? Are you sick and tired of boring, tired, tepid or even TERRIBLE sex? Did you know that over 50% of all women say they'd prefer to shop for SHOES over having sex with their current mate? It's true...
and in this article we are going to give you a few simple tips to excite, turn on and light a ferocious fire in your girl...
EVERY time you go to make love (even if you're not a "super stud" right now).
Care to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below! Tip #1: Stimulate ALL her Senses Before Sex This means sound, taste, touch and smell.
There is nothing more erotic than listening to great music while getting a massage.
Or being tantalized with TASTE before making love.
The truth is, most men focus on ONLY one area...
and the shame of it is, that's rarely enough..
:-) Tip #2: Adventure is an Amazing Aphrodisiac You don't need to be a sexual stud to turn sex into an adventure.
You can play games.
You can plan a head.
You can tease, torment and titillate, too! Women are stimulated between the EARS, first.
And anticipation is the most erotic emotion there is for a woman to feel..
:-) Get her wondering what's next...
and looking FORWARD to sex, and you'll have a woman who CAN'T get enough of you in a hurry! Tip #3: A Sensual Strip is a Huge Turn On Especially if you've got a hot, well endowed body to boot! The truth is, women LOVE a man to be naked...
and a nice slow strip before you jump in the sack is an amazing way to show off ALL of your assets, in a fun, light and very erotic way.
Have you ever seen a group of women at a bachelorette party? Women LOVE to watch a man disrobe...
and if you've got the body to back it up, she's going to be joining you in NO time flat!

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