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Facial Cleansers To Use For Acne

If you are suffering from acne, you should consider the many facial cleansers on the market.

Facial cleansers are usually broken down into two major categories, over the counter products, which are available without a prescription at most drug stores and facial cleansers that include medication that require a prescription from your dermatologist.

Over the counter facial cleansers is a great place to start, especially if your acne is slight to moderate. One of the most effective types of facial cleansing products are those that include active ingredients such as Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide gently dries the skin out and kills P. acne bacteria. One of the products that feature Benzoyl Peroxide as its active ingredients is Oxy.

Salicylic acid is also another type of over the counter facial cleanser that can help remove sebum and kill P. acne bacteria. Many people may be aware of the brand Stridex, which makes small facial pads to clean and clear away sebum and bacteria.

Besides these two highly effective acne facial cleansers, you can also reduce your acne breakouts by washing your face daily with warm water and a soft cloth using anti bacterial soaps. There are plenty of soaps on the market that will help unclog pores and kill bacteria that are present on your face. One brand is Dial.

Regarding facial cleansers that require a prescription, there are many products that include antibiotics, as well as acids that dry out the face, removing sebum and killing bacteria. You should consult with your dermatologist on products that are right for you skin type and level of acne breakouts. Many prescription facial cleansers can be too strong for certain types of skin types that are especially sensitive. Usually, you will need to experiment with a few types of products before finding the right product that fits your skin and acne breakout level the best.

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