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How to Replace a Battery on a Chevrolet Equinox

    • 1). Open the hood and locate the battery compartment. It sits under the computer module on the driver's side, near the fender apron.

    • 2). Unsnap the clips on the computer module and lift it away from the battery compartment. Lay it off to the side.

    • 3). Remove the three Phillips screws holding the battery cover in place. Lift the cover off and set it aside.

    • 4). Disconnect the positive and negative battery cables with a wrench. Lift the battery out of the compartment and set it aside.

    • 5). Place the new battery in the compartment. Connect the positive and negative battery cables.

    • 6). Reposition the cover on the battery compartment. Tighten the three Phillips screws. Don't overtighten the screws or you will damage the threads.

    • 7). Reposition the computer module and make sure it locks into place.

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