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Clip On Lights Make Finding Your Camp Site Easy!

If you're a common participant in group camping activities, then you know that setting up your tent among all the others is half the fun. The only problem with this is that once it gets dark, your tent ends up looking like all the others present - an ominous shape in the darkness. Wouldn't it be great if you could use a clip on light to mark your camp site?

Think about it this way: How many times have you walked past your tent in the darkness? You've tried to find your way back quickly, but you end up walking in completely the wrong direction. The next thing you know, you're on the wrong side of the field, and the only hopes of finding your tent again before dawn are to retrace your steps to the group meeting point and try again.

Sound familiar? If it does, then you need a way to distinctively mark your tent in the darkness. What better way is there than by using a clip on light from Panther Vision's product line? The Safety Bug is a small strobe light that can be seen, regardless of the direction, for up to half a mile away! Five bright LEDs function in this clip on light to produce a noticeable light source in the darkness.

Marking your tent with a Safety Bug is easy. This tiny clip on light comes with three different mounting backs on a single unit. You know that small piece of strap-like ribbon that dangles down from the very peak of your tent? Just use the stick pin attachment option of the Safety Bug to pierce this strap and attach the clip on light to it. After all, this strap is meant to be abused for such purposes without ever interfering with the water-proof quality of the tent itself.

When you're finished installing your Safety Bug at this point of your tent, simply pause to turn it on before you leave. The flashing LED lights will be muted by the tent layers of material, just enough so that your tent appears to be flashing in the darkness but not so much as to annoy your fellow campers.

When you use this method of marking your tent, you will be able to see it from up to a half mile away at the gathering spot for activities. Whenever you're finished, simply follow the blinking lights of the Safety Bug back to your tent and call it a night. Carry multiple of these on you to any camping event. If someone on the other side of the field is using one in their tent, put two in yours instead!

If you want to have an after-party at your camp site, invite people to follow the flashing light, then adhere your Safety Bug magnetically to the support post of your pavilion. These easy to use clip on light products are perfect for always knowing where you need to return home to.

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