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How Facial Acupuncture Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

Skin, our first line of defense from the elements is also a reflection of our internal organ systems.
Hormonal imbalances, irregular sleep, digestive disturbances, stress and emotional turmoil can produce visible signs of aging.
Puffiness, sagging skin, fine lines, uneven skin tone, breakouts and wrinkles can be a result of aging or imbalances in the body.
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which takes a holistic approach to health and well-being is a safe and effective way to tackle problem skin.
Facial rejuvenation, which is one type of treatment within the spectrum of TCM, focuses on treating problem areas of the face and regulating the body internally.
This is done through acupuncture often in conjunction with herbal therapy and massage.
Facial acupuncture involves inserting fine needles superficially into the skin which has shown to stimulate the production of collagen.
This micro trauma to the skin signals the body to repair the area which includes collagen production to help fill in small lines.
Facial muscles are needled either to stimulate relaxation, if there is too much tension in the face or contraction, if there is sagging.
Acupuncture points which balance internal organ systems are used to reduce stress, regulate digestion, hormones and sleep.
This results in the smooth flow of Qi (energy) and blood flow which improves the supply of nutrients to the skin, giving the face a healthy glow.
Lymph drainage will also be enhanced decreasing puffiness and breakouts due to accumulated toxins.
Hormone imbalances causing redness, dryness or breakouts will be regulated through body points creating a more even skin tone.
Difficulty falling asleep or frequently waking up can result in dark circles or puffiness under eyes and fine lines.
Acupuncture to promote a restful sleep will allow the body and skin to rejuvenate, improving overall skin condition.
Points can also be used to regulate emotions which are reflected and stored in the face often resulting in fine lines.
Acupressure or massage can enhance the effect of acupuncture as well as relax facial muscles and drain the lymphatic system.
Herbal products are often used in conjunction with the treatment both topically and internally.
Externally masks may be applied to draw out toxins, nourish dry skin or calm down inflamed skin.
A lotion containing Chinese herbs may be applied using acupressure techniques on face and neck points to enhance the effects of the massage.
In order to promote the flow of Qi and blood plus regulate hormones and organ function herbal formulas may be prescribed in the form of tea, tinctures or tablets.
These formulas generally address the root cause of the skin conditions and balance the person's constitution.
Due to its gentle and nourishing nature, facial acupuncture takes more time than other cosmetic procedures, at least 10 consecutive treatments is recommended, but there are fewer side effects.
It is a more complete treatment compared to injections and surgery, addressing not only at what is happening on the face but also why, thereby providing rejuvenation for not only the skin but the body and mind as well.

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