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Weight Loss - How Effective Is It To Starve Yourself During A Weight Loss Program?

There are several techniques and personal theories out there on effective weight loss.
Many people want fast but effective results in their weight loss program.
The real question is what works and what don't? I have heard many of these theories myself.
One of the most popular methods out there is starving you.
In the eyes of most people this sounds like a good idea and many people try this technique.
Now I will tell the truth about how effective it really is and what it really does for you.
First you should know the human body reacts to changes that are made in your eating habits.
The human body will also make adjustments to accommodate for those changes.
The human body has a goal; it is to run efficiently and effectively.
When a person makes the decision to starve themselves during their weight loss program, to increase their results, this is what really happens.
The human body is designed to protect itself when it feels threatened or in danger.
For example when your body starts to dehydrate, your brain will send out a signal telling you to get something to drink.
When you are tired your brain sends out a signal to rest or sleep.
When you are hungry the same thing happens.
When you start a weight loss program, the method of starvation is counterproductive to say the least.
As you start to starve yourself, your body sends a message to the brain.
The brain feels like it is under attack.
At that point the brain sends out a message to your body.
The message tells your body to store fat cells in order to protect it from starvation.
Another thing the brain will do is slow down your metabolism and also the digestion system.
At this the brain is trying to keep the food you have eaten in your system as long as possible, in the fear there might not be anymore coming.
There are other side effects from starving yourself during a weight loss program.
One of those side effects is the body is not getting the correct amount of proteins and nutrients that it needs to function correctly.
What this does is reduce the body's energy levels and you feel tired all the time.
After that happens your immune system starts to become week and depleted, you run the risk of getting sick more often than normal.
In conclusion you can see that starving yourself in a weight loss program, in reality, works against you if anything.
It is also highly recommended you avoid using this tactic at all cost.
This method is not only ineffective but dangerous as well.

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