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Wfg Securities Of Canada 2011 Power Of One Tour Highlights

WFG Securities of Canada accomplished many impressive feats in 2011, such as the companys POWER of ONE Tour. World Financial Group has made a commitment to achieve growth in the Canadian financial market; more specifically, the company aims to grow its base of independent agents to include a total of 10,000 licensed agents in Canada. The tour did a great deal to help achieve this ambitious goal.

The POWER of ONE Tour swept across nine Canadian cities in 2011, all within an action-packed period of two weeks. Attendees were presented with an in-depth presentation explaining everything there is to know about WFGs business opportunities. The tour also gave attendees an idea of how the organization works how the company helps people achieve their dreams; how it is dedicated to helping individuals and families from all walks of life; and how the organization envisions a path to financial independence for all its clients. The tour presented an impressive amount of inspiring information.

The tour also gave WFG Securities of Canada a new presence in this North American nations financial services market. According to Rick Williams, President of the World Financial Group Insurance Agency of Canada, it provided the organizaiton with an unprecedented opportunity to inform the public and build its foundation of passionate agents. The company was able to present its business plan to approximately 12,000 attendees, giving these Canadians a new opportunity to achieve financial independence by owning their own businesses. All this was only possible, however, because of the companys proven business model, according to Williams.

The tour took place over the summer and stretched from Montreal to Fredericton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Calgary, Nanaimo and finally, Vancouver. Presentations included a corporate overview, talks from motivational speakers and reports from the field by some of the top independent associates from the WFG family. It was particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who had been looking for a way to be their own bosses with the added support of a powerful business strategy that has been time-tested by successful financial experts.

World Financial Group also operates in the United States. The company puts on frequent conventions and expositions, as well as one-on-one presentations from independent associates to individuals and families from all walks of life. The POWER of ONE Tour is just the latest example of how this unique financial services comapny is reaching out and expanding its ability to help people achieve financial freedom.

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