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The Weakest Link

Saturday afternoon we spent time with Josh and Karly Knapp, and family, in Kalamazoo.
Our two families are quickly becoming very good friends! Around 6pm or so we decided to visit Apple Knockers in Vicksburg for an ice cream.
! Afterwards we walked to the local park so our kids could run out some energy before we ended our visit and returned back to Allegan.
While at the park, my oldest son Talen, was on the swing.
One of my favorite things to do is twist my kids up in the swings and let them fly! So I did, and he had a blast.
This of course led to the other kids, Tyrus and Alexis, wanting to do the same.
Once they had finished, I asked Talen if he wanted to go again, this time we would twist him to the maximum and see how fast we could get him zinging!! Talen was all for it! He sat on the swing and I began to twist.
Higher and higher and higher, to the point where he barely had anywhere to hold on and there was no more chain to twist.
He was literally higher in the air than I am tall.
As I released him, giving him a bit of an extra push to start the spinning out quickly, he was off, and I mean he was flying.
As we watched him spin, round and round and round, about halfway through the ride, one of the links snapped, and Talen quickly found himself lying on his back laughing and also wondering what had happened.
As for the rest of us, we were laughing and in shock that this happened.
Nobody was hurt and the experience was very much enjoyable.
After this had happened, while we went back to our vehicles to head home, I told Josh that somehow I was going to turn this event into an article.
I mentioned to him that there must be a lesson we can learn so that the article will have value to those who are reading it.
With some thought, we came up with, "The weakest link.
" So here is the lesson.
As we learned from this experience, Talen, Tyrus and Alexis, all spun on the swing.
However, when Talen went the second time, something happened.
Just one of the links snapped, and the chain was broken.
Can anyone say teamwork? Think about each link on the swing as a member of a team.
When each link is working in unison with each other, everything works properly.
However, should even just one link break, the whole team feels the effect.
It only takes one sour grape to ruin the bunch.
Teamwork is extremely important for just about anything you do in life.
At your job, there is a team of people who are each responsible for a particular task.
Many times you will hear of situations or circumstances where someone on the team is not performing their job to the best of their ability.
When that happens other people have to pick up the slack.
This can cause animosity amongst the team and create major issues in the overall productivity.
Yet there are other circumstances where the team members not only perform their job with high levels of productivity, they also go over and beyond their call of duty.
Thus creating a team which is strong and capable of handling any task sent their way.
There is power in working together as a team.
As another example, think about a family.
First of all there is the mom and dad.
Before becoming a couple, each was their own individual.
Once getting involved in a relationship, they then became a team of two.
It does require work to make a relationship last, and it will require effort and sacrifice on both parties to make it happen.
Then enters children.
Now the team just became larger.
Each member of the family has its role to play in the team, especially as the family/team continues to grow.
In our family we are known as, Team Curtis Family.
Melisa and I have four children.
When all six of us are working together as a team, life can be pretty good.
However, should even one of us, adults or children, not play our role, things can get crazy, FAST!! Dads are expected to work and take care of the financial aspects of the relationship, while also devoting his time to the family.
Moms are always busy taking care of the house, raising the children, supporting dad, just to list a few.
(Women/Moms are amazing!!) Then the older kids are needed to help with chores around the home, in addition to their studies, and also assisting with their younger siblings.
The younger children also play a huge role on the team.
It is their job to keep their older brothers and sisters in line.
They have to lead by example, constantly reminding their older siblings to stop fighting, wash the dishes, and do their homework.
Heh heh, and you think I am joking!! (Well, kinda, but if you have younger children you know what I mean!) My point is, regardless as to the exact circumstances, or situation, when you work as a team, productivity is at its peak potential.
Six hands working on the same project will always outperform one, in theory anyhow! There is power in numbers.
So remember, the next time you are working on a project at work, cleaning the kitchen after dinner, or twisting on the swings at the park, it only takes one weak link to break the chain.
Work as a team, grow as a team, and win as a team! Blessed to be a Blessing, Ron

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