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Pomeranian Personalities

The Pomeranian breeder decides whether a buyer should take a puppy or not, by asking him certain direct questions and even asking him for a veterinary reference if he already has pets. The breeder makes sure that the Pomeranian puppy gets the best home possible. Choose the right breeder and choose him with care. A fake Pomeranian breeder might not be so possessive and proud of this dog, and this could be one of the hints to identify a fake breeder. The Pomeranian is an inquisitive and intelligent dog. If proper care is taken in the home, like brushing its coat and taking it for walks, it can be a great asset to the family. After all, it is loyal and playful, and the children can enjoy its company.

If you want to buy a puppy from a Pomeranian breeder, you may have to face some difficulties. First of all, a Pomeranian breeder is the proud owner of purebred Pomeranian puppies and he will not sell them to just anybody who comes by without checking his abilities. He wants a guarantee from you, that you will take good care of the puppies. He likes to have a discussion with would-be buyers and sometimes asks for an explanation about the buyer's choice of a Pomeranian puppy. He could also ask for a veterinary reference, if he knows that you already have pets.

It is important for the breeder to discuss all the problems with the prospective buyer of the Pomeranian puppy. Even after the puppy is sold, he likes to stay in touch with the family so that he can help them if the puppy has any health or temperamental problems. At the end of the day, the Pomeranian breeder wants to be doubly sure that he has given his puppy to the right family!

It is indeed a difficult task to spot a fake Pomeranian breeder. Sometimes through information from friends and neighbors, it is possible to get in touch with good and sincere Pomeranian breeders. There have been cases when people have taken them from the breeders, and later it was discovered that the Pomeranian was a mixed breed and not a purebred, which they wanted. Though the family became attached to the dog, they had to ask for their money back

Pomeranian breeders are extremely proud of their purebred puppies, and if this pride is missing in the breeder of your choice, check out whether he is known. Often the breeders take their dogs to dog shows and for this the dog has to undergo lots of training. It is otherwise a delicate dog needing plenty of love and care. The websites of the dog breeders or the local newspapers are ideal places for looking for purebred Pomeranians.

The Pomeranian, after having lived with Pomeranian breeders, should be cared and loved in the family that it lives in. They can be trained to be good guard dogs, and can be very wary when strangers enter the house. They bark incessantly sometimes and that is why training them is necessary. This job is sometimes taken over by the Pomeranian breeder willingly.

Of course Pomeranians are temperamental too, and within the family, can sometimes be unfriendly towards children. But they are generally lively dogs and healthy too. In general they are loyal, intelligent and loving. They are a cute and inquisitive breed of dog and the curious expression on their face reflects this characteristic. They are playful too and fit in very well as family dogs. It is a very common pet amongst families living in apartments as well. So they need to exercise regularly and therefore should be taken for short walks.

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