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How to Compare 2008 SUVs

    • 1). Find out what SUVs were available for sale in 2008. You probably have a list of SUVs you want to compare, but you should make sure you look at all the available options. The Kelley Blue book website (see Resources) will list by type and other options all of the available SUVs for 2008. Select "new car" and then select "SUV."

    • 2). Find out the options available on each SUV. Call the dealer or whomever is selling the SUVs to find out all of the available standard and add-on options available. Options to consider are leather seating, front and side airbags and entertainment systems. You should also find out the cargo space, interior room and wheelbase.

    • 3). Consider the history and the future of the 2008 SUVs. You'll want to know if all the SUVs you are comparing are new or used and what kind of mileage has been put on them. You should also consider how long the SUV has been made---several years of manufacturing gives the automaker experience, but it also leaves a history, and you can research whether the SUV has a history of problems. Look to 2009 to see if the SUV has any significant changes. This will alert you to any problems or issues that may exist on the 2008 models.

    • 4). Look at the safety records. Go to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's website (see Resources) and look under "vehicle ratings." Select each SUV and pull up the 2008 listing. This will give you an idea how each SUV tested for safety.

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