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Get more Twitter followers free

On November 1, 2009, I got my 5000th follower on Twitter.

When I first started using Twitter, I wasn't cultivating followers very aggressively.

Then about six months ago, I started using some free ways to get more Twitter followers.

Here's what happened:

I DIDN'T pay for any of these new Twitter followers.

I DIDN'T buy any weird expensive mystery software or spam anybody.

To get more Twitter followers, I simply used FREE online applications that:

* help you find more followers,
* manage my Twitter account,
* weed out "bad" followers
* and much, much more.

Using these methods and a few hours of my time, I came close to tripling my number of Twitter followers in about a week, at a rate of about 125/day.

That slowed down eventually, but by then people were following me on Twitter because they liked my tweets, then suggesting that others follow me, too.

Besides growing your followers using these free, easy methods, the best strategy is to keep doing what you're doing:

* posting helpful tips,
* asking for help,
* talking up what important projects you're working on,
* retweeting others and
* saying thanks.

The occasional joke is welcome too!

No spamming, no insults, no hard sells or come ons.

The more helpful and selfless you come across on Twitter, paradoxically, the more you will - selfishly! - build your own presence.

Remember: there is no need to install unknown, expensive software that promises to give you "thousands" of Twitter followers. And if you spam people, they won't follow you. In fact, Twitter might close down your account if you do.

My method was hands-on, and time consuming. But it helped me get TARGETED Twitter followers, not just a bunch of random names.

Invest the time and effort now to get targeted Twitter followers using these free tips, and it will pay off in the long run.

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