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5 Priceline Tips That Will Help You Save Up to 40% on Your Next Trip

Priceline is the most popular travel bargain site online.
If you learn how to use it properly, you can save up to 40% on your next vacation! If you want to do just that, then perhaps these following Priceline tips will be of use to you.
o Shop around and look for the lowest published quotes.
What is the average listed price for the flight you want to take, or for a decent hotel in the area you plan on visiting? Bid 20%-30% less than that at Priceline.
o Do research on the hotel zones in the city you plan on going to.
Are the four or five star hotels way out of your range? If you think you might have to settle with three stars, do your options look promising? o Read over forums for Priceline tips by other bargain travelers.
Many of them keep others updated on all their latest successful bids.
You can use other people's experiences as references.
o Try making your first bid at least ten days before your trip.
That way, you'll have some time to rebid a few times until you finally get the best deal possible.
Also, you can edit your bid slightly if you want to re-submit it more quickly.
All you have to do is check or uncheck "4 star zones only".
o Make sure you understand the rules.
This is obviously common sense, but many people really don't know what they're doing.
Make sure you understand every single aspect of which you are bidding.
Whether you want to go on a cruise, to the Bahamas, backpack across Europe, or just fly from one US coast to the next, you can save a lot of money by using these Priceline tips.

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