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Children"s Easter Baskets and Those Chocolate Easter Rabbits in the Springtime

Adults and kids alike, Hey, EVERYONE...
Whoopee! Spring has sprung north of the equator.
New life's peeking from beneath a blanket of snow.
And Easter's..
its way! Chocolate Easter rabbits and colorful bunny eggs are filling the little children's Easter baskets with bunches of love and those little yellow Chick Peeps.
How do you like your celebration of spring to arrive? Over easy, hard boiled or sunny side up? I'll take mine, sunny side up.
The brighter the better, I'd say.
Just knowing new life exists, keeps me moving and looking for good times to celebrate.
I like my Easter holiday filled with bright coloring pages of bunnies, Easter egg hunts, and frilly new dresses for those little darlings and suits for those handsome little guys.
And church doors opening, spreading Easter love to all passing by.
What would children's Easter baskets be without those chocolate Easter rabbits? The hop-along bunny comes hopping by, filling kid's imaginations with amazing fun.
That first Easter on through adulthood, chocolate Easter baskets plays a big part in the scenario of spring and the celebration of resurrected life.
Green grass is peeking through and the sun's drawing nigh, warming those frosty winter nights, melting them into springtime.
Chocolate Easter rabbits, sunshine and children's Easter baskets are a springtime event.
Once a year, millions of people celebrate the resurrection of Christ, Easter egg hunts and spring in their own special way.
Adults, kids and EVERYONE, enjoy your life this spring, with happiness in your hearts.
And know with every colorful egg, there are treasures to be found.
Make your springtime one to remember, with chocolate Easter rabbits, plush bunnies, sunshine and those chewy yellow Chick Peeps.

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