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How To Stop Anxiety Attacks Understand And Beat Your Fear

Anxiety Attacks often appear without warning the first time a sufferer has one. Attacks are remarkably common with more and more people throughout the world suffering from them.

Its easy for the non sufferer to confuse such Attacks with the usual sense of anxiety or concern that almost everybody feels at some point. Anxiety Attacks whilst not physically threatening to your health can be terrifying.

A person can be diagnosed as suffering from a panic disorder after having had two attacks and continually being concerned about a recurrence. Continuation of panic attacks can severely impact on a person's quality of life and it affects their families too.
Attacks can start when a person who does normally experience slightly higher than normal anxiety is subjected to a lot of stress in some form.

Panic and anxiety attacks can make the sufferer feel that they are in a vicious cycle of feeling impending doom and despair. Unfortunately they can also crop up at the most inconvenient moments like in the shopping centre, on a crowded bus or at the very thought of having to give a public speech never mind the trauma of actually delivering one. The nature of their potential recurrence in social situations often has the effect of severely undermining the sufferers self confidence and self esteem.

There are a number of steps that you can take to help reduce the likelihood of having anxiety attacks. One in particular is to reduce the amount of sugar you are consuming and to regulate blood glucose. This can be achieved by introducing the following items into your diet: garlic and onion, berries, soy bean, kelp, fish, brewer's yeast, fresh vegetables.

Practice deep breathing techniques as these ensure that plenty of oxygen gets in to the lungs and the carbon dioxide is expelled all of which helps counter breathlessness and hyperventilation which accompanies a panic response.

Fear is at the core of recurring panic and anxiety attacks. When we resist something it continues and grows in strength. At the root of any recovery from panic and anxiety attacks is the ability or the decision to face the fear.

There are many associated disorders which the anxiety attacks sufferer may encounter. One of the main ones is GAD Generalised Anxiety Disorder occurs where you take everyday things that most people have concerns about , but you take that worry to a whole new level becoming obsessed with the worrying and finding it appearing in everyday life. Anxiety Attacks are also common amongst people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The great news is that Anxiety and panic attacks can be successfully treated. They are simply the body's overreaction to stress. There are permanent self help solutions available that allow the persons that follow the course to live panic and anxiety free.

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