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Camp Set Up List for a Hybrid Trailer


    • Space is an essential when setting up a hybrid trailer -- the expandable portions need enough room to fully open. Position the trailer with several feet of extra space on all sides to allow for walking room and space for the trailer to be fully setup. Be sure to keep the fabric slide away from sticks or sharp objects that could tear or puncture the fabric upon opening.


    • Hybrid trailers need to be completely level to ensure the slide outs and plumbing systems work properly. A tire chalk, or pieces of split firewood, placed against the tires will prevent the trailer from rolling when jacking up or lowering the trailer, or when people are moving around in it. Small pieces of plywood will aid in using a jack to level the trailer in soft ground. A construction level is easier to use than the small level that come stock on most trailers, since you will be able to place it on multiple surfaces to check the level.

    Hook-up and Expand

    • Hybrid trailers often use electrical motors to expand the slide out portions. Use an extension cord to connect the trailer to an electrical source or generator. A button generally located inside the trailer near the slide out will move in and out of the expandable portion. Many trailers also accept water hookups that connect by standard garden hose to use as water to flush toilets, wash hands and shower. A sewage hose is useful at full hook-up campgrounds to connect to the sewer system, eliminating the need to dump the storage tank.

    Inside the Trailer

    • After the hybrid trailer has been successfully parked, leveled and utilities have been hooked up, it is time to setup the inside for everyday living. Hybrid trailers often have beds that require cushions to be formed into a mattress after the trailer is expanded. Unpack all bedding, towels and toiletries that were stored for transport. The plumbing, heating and cooling systems can be turned on from the master electrical panel located within the trailer.

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