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How to Unlock a Razr V3M From US Cellular

    • 1). Log onto your Internet browser and access a website that offers unlock codes (see resources).

    • 2). Enter the brand and model of your phone in the appropriate text boxes on screen. In this case it is a Motorola V3M.

    • 3). Enter your email and payment information when prompted.

    • 4). Confirm the purchase and the site will generate the unlock code. This will take a moment or two. When the code is generated it will be sent to the provided email address.

    • 5). Open your email and retrieve the unlock code.

    • 6). Enter the code in your V3M as if you were dialing a phone number and press "Send." The phone will then unlock and you can now change the SIM card. The SIM card is located in the battery compartment at the rear of the phone.

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