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College students are more into romantic suspense fiction

Romantic suspense is all time favorite read. Romantic suspense basically focuses on relationship between two people and suspense which revolves around them. The pivotal plot or theme of the novel is directly related to two main protagonist of the novel. Romantic suspense is specially written targeting to women readers. It is believed women surpass men when it comes to reading romantic suspense. Throughout the ages in the world of literature this genre was special and popular. This type of books mainly focuses on women issues written on the backdrop of love story with romance embedded in them.

Romantic suspense fiction is based on relationship between two people and also it has sufficient level of mystery to behold the reader till the end. Romantic suspense fiction is never out of date. Time to time its kept creeping with different backdrop. The style and backdrop of these fictions are not typically focuses on the relationship aspect only, but it is coated with mystery which keeps fascinating its readers till the end.

Romantic suspense book depict women as the pivotal character of the book. Since these books deals with women issues, they compels to women more than their male counterparts. This is the reason women are target audience for such romantic suspense book. These books take you to the world which is full of imaginative and fantasy world.

Romantic suspense novels consist of glamour, fantasy, mystery, and thrill and of course solid established relationship between two opposite sex. These elements form the gamut of the entire novel. This genre of books never gets out of fashion. Writers find newer and more new horizons in this genre. Romantic suspense novels backdrop keep on changing depending on the present time, to compel its readers. These writings are contemporary in fiction worlds; they are engrossed with mystery and fresh ideas. Secrets and mystery are kept hidden in these novels. This is kept to intact the readers till the end and produce everlasting reading of these books.

Chick lit is a terminology which was first coined in 1980s and it is generally American slang word. Chick lit is a type of fiction which focuses on women folk and issues pertaining to them but the entire set up of the novel is kept very light. This genre of writing was not based on typical age old women issues such as being victims of situations. But rather it includes modern and present time elements such as love, feminism, courtship, female identity, sexual matters etc. It does sometimes deal with sexuality and violent plots but the overall literature is kept very light. Chick lit deals with careerist and independent women of age group of 20 to 30s. Chick encompasses issues of women folk such as look, career, love life etc.

Women's fiction has always been the best seller and it will be. Readers of this genre are never ending and issue these women's fiction deals are always pertaining to present times and problems of present times. Backdrops of women fiction are set in such a way which compels to them and their problems.

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