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Disassembly Instructions for an HP ze4900

    • 1). Shut down the notebook PC's operating system and push the LCD screen closed. Disconnect the power cable and any USB cables connected to the notebook. Turn the notebook over.

    • 2). Find the rectangular slide bar at the bottom-left end of the notebook. Push over the slide bar and lift the black battery unit out the Pavilion notebook. Remove the single Phillips screw located above the battery port.

    • 3). Pull off the plastic cover that was held in place by the screw to reveal the vertically positioned memory module and the horizontally positioned mini-PCI card. Push apart the plastic arms holding the memory component and slide the memory out of the notebook.

    • 4). Grip the white cable connected to the bottom of the mini-PCI card with needle nose pliers. Pull off the cable. Repeat the process with the black cable connected to the card. Push apart the plastic arms and slide the card out of the notebook.

    • 5). Remove the two Phillips screws positioned near the hinges on the far back end of the notebook. Turn the notebook over and pull open the LCD screen to 180 degrees. Push the edge of a flat-head screwdriver above the "F3" key to disengage the first keyboard lock.

    • 6). Disengage the remaining locks by inserting the screwdriver above the "Home," "F8" and "F11" keys. Pull off the plastic cover unit above the keyboard. Pull the entire keyboard toward you so the keyboard's cable becomes visible.

    • 7). Disconnect the cable from the black port on the motherboard and remove the keyboard from the notebook. Locate the speaker at the top of the motherboard. Unplug the black cable connected to the speaker unit and remove the two attached Phillips screws.

    • 8). Pull the speaker off the motherboard. Remove the screw attached to the metal DVD drive at the right end of the notebook. Slide the drive out of the notebook's case.

    • 9). Locate the metal hard drive cage at the left end of the notebook. Remove the two screws holding the cage in place and pull the entire hard drive and its attached cage out of the notebook.

    • 10

      Unplug the cable running from the bottom of the LCD screen to the motherboard. Remove the six Phillips screws at the bottom of the screen and pull the screen off the notebook.

    • 11

      Disconnect the cable connecting the touch pad at the lower end of the case to the motherboard. Remove the two screws at the top end of the touch pad and pull the touch pad directly up and off the notebook.

    • 12

      Unplug the short cable connecting the fan at the bottom of the motherboard. Remove the three screws attached to the fan and its metal heat sink. Lift the fan and heat sink unit off the notebook to reveal the processor.

    • 13

      Push the edge of a flat-head screwdriver into the metal locking screw at the left edge of the processor. Turn the screw counterclockwise by a quarter turn. Pull the processor off the motherboard.

    • 14

      Remove the screws positioned at each corner of the motherboard. Lift the motherboard out of the Pavilion notebook's case.

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