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Kalpitiya – A lovely place of visit

Kalpitiya is a location with utmost beauty, typical exotic splendor. This super awesome spot is located in the Puttlam district which is filled with awestruck beaches and splendid scenery. Visitors from all over the world would never want to miss the beautiful venue of Kalpitiya if they are visiting Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya has become a major tourist destination.

The bar reef the largest coral reef in Sri Lanka is home to a number of diverse underwater life. It's situated off the western coast of the Puttlam District. This coral reef was announced a marine sanctuary in 1992. This reef with great biodiversity stretches up to the Portugal bay. The bar reef is one of the few pristine coral reef systems in the island. The diving experience in this panoramic bar reef is just amazing. One could enjoy and absorb the underwater magnificence of Sri Lanka.

The western peninsular region of Kalpitiya is remarkably untouched by tourism. The bar reef is just an ideal place for all those scuba divers and snorkelers. It offers you the great opportunity of seeing manta rays, reef sharks and turtles. This reef provides you with a great diving sensation.

Kalpitiya is a vast stretch of earth where it's skirted by sea on one side and the lagoon from the other side. There are a number of little islands formed within the sea and lagoon. You would see a rich biodiversity in this gorgeous location. They are surrounded with the deep green waters of the Indian Ocean and sandy beaches. It surrounded with over 22 species of mangroves.

Kalpitiya is also a very popular destination for its dolphins which can be watched closer to the shore. During November to March one would see a huge number of dolphins and whales glide off Kalpitiya. Kalpitiya is a perfect place to go wind surfing. The great beach in Kalpitiya would certainly make the surfers want to head down to the beach as they step foot in Kalpitiya.

This scenic location is famous for bird watching too and a diverse amount of exotic birds could be seen. Kalpitiya has become the nesting and feeding ground for hundreds of birds. Kalpitiya is surely a lovely place to visit in Sri Lanka. On your visit to Kalpitiya and in search of Airport transfers Sri Lanka and about Sri Lanka car rental, Malkey Rent A Car is the best for car rentals.

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